Welcome to our exclusive facility at Abundant Serenity Adult Family Home


We are licensed  in the State of Washington as an Adult Family Home Facility and is meant to accommodate six tenants. We excel in the abundance of our hearts to provide exceptional services and continue to build lives that are extraordinary for all residents. We focus at maintaining a warm, welcoming, cozy and engaging environment that meets all clients at the areas of interest, need and purpose.  Our facility is homely with caregivers that go the extra mile to provide services that are respectful, fulfilling and customized to each individual client. But we are not just any home but a place to  joyful memories, dreams, hope, bliss and happiness like never before. We treat every one of our residents as a unique individual that seeks an opportunity for self expression, connection and relationship.

Our facility provides the best environment for personal actualization. Our house is in the leavy, quiet and free from hustle of heavy traffic in Renton Washington. We are in a neighborhood with walking paths, parks, sports facilities, natural conservation areas and a close neat community that prides itself on safety, tranquility and elegance. The house is spacious with two living room areas, large bedrooms with private closets and individual tiled bathrooms. Individuals are therefore exposed to the braining calming sounds of nature  and large personal spaces that help in daily activities and rest. Experience of residents that have previously resided hear give a glowing tribute of the tranquility and the realization of a long night sleep like never before.

The overarching policy at home is safety above all else. Details of our policies are posted for one who comes into the home to see. Residents are given a brief on the policies by management upon arrival. Residents are also informed of their rights. Contact of the Ombudsman and residence complaints line are posted at conspicuous locations. 

Exceptional Facilities and Services. Our home prides itself on exceptional facilities and services. Our floors are wooden that helps conserve heat energy and keeps them warm all year round. The backdoor opens into a patio with a sitting area that is available for resident outdoor relaxation and enjoyment of the scenery of trees and bird life. Each bedroom has a television with more than 125 channels for residents’ enjoyment. The home maintains a variety of games that keep residents engaged and active while at the home. In addition, caregivers maintain a joyous environment that is characterized by karaoke, skites and laughter.


  • Culinary Services. The home provides a wide variety of healthy food for the residents. We seek to empower residents by respecting their food choices. We, however, encourage healthy choices. We provide delicious, nutritious and hygienically prepared meals.
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